Important information:

If you have got an appointment at The health center please be aware that if you need to change or cancel the appointment you must contact us (by e-mail or phone) at least 2 days before.

What can we assist you with?

We offer help with these topics:

  • Sexual health
  • Mental health
  • Lifestyle related problems

Opening hours

Drop in Monday 08.30-11. Wednesday 14.30-19.00. You can`t preebook drop in. Drop in is aproximately 20 min. with a nurse. If you need a longer appointment or to talk to someone else, please contact us. To book an appointment: 64962240 or email: Thuesday, Thursday and Friday: Only by appointment, no drop in. 

Address: Tunveien 2,  2nd floor, 1430 Ås.

For NMBU students only

If you think you need a psychologist we kindly ask you to use this form/inquiry:

Henvendelsesskjema+Engelsk+NMBU+student+behov+for+psykolog adr. Tunveien 2.docx