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Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and the Ås municipality prepare for growth and development. Campus Ås houses Norway's largest interdisciplinary academic environment in the life sciences. Ås is considered as one of six emerging regional cities in Akershus. Together we create the Univerisity City of Ås!

Development of Campus Ås

In 2018 a feasibility study for the development of Campus East - an area that, in total, amounts to approx. 100,000 square meters with a potential total building area of 200,000 - 300,000 square meters - will be initiated.

It is estimated that this area will be able to accommodate up to 250 new living units and the creation of more than 2000 new jobs, including a possible state-of-the-art sustainable campus hotel, developed in close collaboration with NMBU.

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Ås Central Area

Short introduction

The town of Ås is growing. Substantial investments in new railway infrastructure and a new and larger university campus act as a strong foundation for a town in rapid development. It is for this reason Ås is considered as one of six emerging regional cities in the Akershus region. As a result, the municipality has initiated work on a new master plan for the central area of Ås, which will ensure that the township is equipped for this development and that the expected growth contributes to strengthening the vibrancy of the town.

The overall aim is to develop a strong framework for a growing town that will serve as a central hub in the region, which includes areas for new housing, businesses and public services. The plan aims to strengthen links between the center and the university campus, and develop Ås as a sustainable and compact town with both urban and rural qualities as well as efficient transit links to the rest of the region.

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Key figures


Area plan in development


Housing – Approx. 3000 new housing units

Offices – Approx. 2000 new jobs

Infrastructure – New street design and cycle pathways

Parks and recreation – New public plazas and parks


Ås town center

Approx. 35 km from Oslo city center

Approx. 35 km from Moss city center


The area plan includes:

The urban core, which is the area many consider to be the center of Ås today

3 populated central areas:

Kaja, Søråsteigen and the area east of the railway line.

3 uninhabited central areas: Søråsjordet, Moerjordet and Åsmåsan.


Short introduction

Dyster-Eldor is a development area located in an idyllic and rural setting within a wooded area about 1.5 kilometers from the center of Ås. The area is planned for residential use in the form of single family, terraced, and multi-family homes. The site comprises an area of about 180 acres overall consisting of municipal owned land to be developed in stages. The area to be developed is in immediate proximity to natural and rural landscapes, and includes generous open-air areas and a new kindergarten.

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Key figures


Approved area plan


Approx. 450 single-family, terraced, and multi-family homes.


1.5 km south of Ås town center



6 subdivisions of approx. 18 acres on average to be developed. The entire area amounts to 180 acres in total.