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Future hits

lørdag 13. april 2019
Future hits

Making learning English fun!
Future Hits is a dynamic educational rock band whose songs build important language skills while cultivating children's love for learning. Each song is tailored to develop literacy, increase English language fluency, and highlight Social Emotional Learning concepts in a fun, engaging way. The music corresponds with innovative and differentiated learning activities, effectively igniting the hearts and minds of all.
"Future Hits is the new face of innovative kid's music that parents can enjoy too. [The band] takes rock music and incorporates language arts curriculum that’ll give your kiddo an English lesson without them realizing it. Fun for the whole fam!”
Lørdag 13. april kl.13.00. Kinovestibylen. Pris: 120,- (v/b) kr. 100,- (gruppe på 4+)

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Adresse: Moerveien 1 1430 Ås
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