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For our international audience

17.08.18 - 01.12.18

What’s on at Ås kulturhus for our international audience?

* The first Friday of every month we have LYTTELUNSJ – or listen lunch - which is a really great way to get an infusion of wonderful classical music into your life. Take a lunch break with a bit extra – we supply the music (listen), you supply the food (lunch).

* Do you sing or play an instrument? Come along to ÅPEN MIKROFON I ÅS – it’s gotta be Norway’s best Open Mike Night!

* And when we’re on the topic of singing – how about signing up for our voice workshop with THE REAL GROUP ACADEMY? The Real Group, an exceptionally talented vocal group from Sweden, has developed an excellent training method for vocal technique, this just shouldn’t be missed! If you would rather sit back and listen to great a Capella music, then you can come to THE REAL GROUP concert at 8pm instead.

* Would you like an introduction to some Norwegian music everybody grew up listening to? A concert with Norwegian legend BJØRN EIDSVÅG is a good place to start.

* Later in November The Norwegian Shakespeare company is coming to visit with their specially written piece that examines the nature of truth through the lens of Shakespeare’s most beloved characters. THE SERPENT UNDER IT will be performed in English.

* Are you a diehard fan of Fawlty Towers? Then the FAULTY TOWERS DINING EXPERIENCE is just the thing for you! Terrific actors from England serve you dinner in classic Fawlty style. You won’t believe it’s not the real thing!!

Hope to see you at Ås Arts and Event Centre soon!

Myfanwy Moore - Artistic programing.


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