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13.12.18 - 03.05.19

Listen lunch!

Take a break! Take a breath and give your self a mini mental spa - come to Listen Lunch - a concert series that presents quality classical music for only 50NOK!
We provide the music (listen) and you provide the food (lunch).  If you do not have a packed lunch, you can buy good food at a reasonable price at Café Falsen in the foyer.
The price of your ticket includes a complimenary cup of coffee or tea.
Fredag 1. februar: Lorenzo Nardocci og Margrethe Førre Nardocci "Made in Italy" (flygel og sang)
Fredag 1. mars: Anna Stereopoulou (flygel)
Fredag 5. april: Roberto Palermo (trekkspill)
Fredag 3. mai: Harriet Müller-Tyl og Lorenzo Nardocci (sang og flygel)
First Friday of the month at. 11:30am. Store sal. Price 50NOK. You can easily buy tickets at the door.
Free entry for children.
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Adresse: Moerveien 1 1430 Ås
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