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Priser - Course fees

Day courses: kr. 75 per hour

Evening courses: kr. 100 per hour

Books are not included in the fee. 

  • "På vei" (textbook: kr. 425; workbook: kr. 365; wordlist: kr. 135)
  • "Ny i Norge" (textbook: kr. 379; workbook: kr. 299; wordlist: kr. 130)
  • "Stein på stein" (textbook: kr. 425; workbook: kr. 365; wordlist: kr. 135)
  • "Hei!" A1 (textbook: kr. 410; workbook: kr. 240)
  • "Hei!" A2 (textbook: kr. 410; workbook: kr. 240)

Please note: You will have to pay for the course even if you do not attend class. If you are sick or absent for any other reason, please inform the school in advance in order to avoid payment.

Fee examples:

  • Day course: 5 days x 4 hours = kr. 1500 per week, kr. 6000 per month
  • Evening course: 2 evenings x 3 hours = kr. 534 per week, kr. 2136 per month
  • Evening courses are divided into 3 parts, each lasting 4 weeks, 6 lessons every week. Lessons start at 5.30 p.m. and go until 8 p.m. both days.

Fees are paid at the reception (with a Norwegian bank card) at the start of each period.