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Welcome to the Adult Education Centre in Ås(Ås Vo). Ås Vo is an adult education centre. We offer initial training in Norwegian language and social studies for adult immigrants. The school provides the possibility to take education at different levels. All education at Ås Vo leads to formal and official exams and diplomas. If you have any questions regarding Norwegian language classes, please contact us on the following telephone number : 64962150 or by e-mail:

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The new regulation – if you received your permit after 1st September 2005

The new regulations are known as  ”The right and duty to Norwegian language training”. They apply to immigrants who obtain a residence permit after 1 September 2005 and who want a permanent permit or Norwegian citizenship. Persons who can document good Norwegian language skills are exempted from this training.

The new regulations make 300 lessons (600 lessons from 1.1.2012) of Norwegian language training compulsory for all adult immigrants and refugees who want to obtain a settlement permit or Norwegian citizenship. The 300/600 lessons include 50 lessons about Norwegian society, given in a language the participant understands.

For those who want and need more language training, the municipalities are obliged to provide language training beyond 300/600 lessons – up to 3000 lessons when necessary.

What does ‘The right and duty to Norwegian language training’ mean?

Duty: to obtain a permanent residence permit, 300/600 lessons of language training must be completed
Right: the language training is free of charge.

Some groups have a duty to follow Norwegian language training, while other groups have both a right and a duty. This depends on the kind of residence permit you have obtained.

The right and duty to Norwegian language training – who are included?

According to the new regulations, Norwegian language training is open and mandatory for

  • Refugees with political asylum

  • Resettlement refugees

  • Persons with residence on humanitarian grounds

  • Persons with collective protection

  • Persons who have been granted family reunification with a person within the above groups.

  • Persons who have been granted family reunification with a Norwegian or Nordic citizen.

Who are obliged to complete Norwegian language training?

Some groups must go through with 300/600 lessons of Norwegian language training if they want to obtain a permanent residence permit, but they have no right to free tuition. They must either pay themselves, or, if employed, the employer may finance such training.

These groups have a duty, but no right to free tuition, if they want to obtain a permanent residence permit:

  • work immigrants from outside the EFTA/EEA area

  • persons with a family reunification permit with the above group

The right and duty to Norwegian language training does not include

  • students

  • au pairs and others with a limited permit

  • Nordic citizens (from Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden)

  • persons with an EFTA/EEA permit

Age and rights

The right and duty to Norwegian language training apply to persons between 16 and 67 years. For persons under 16 it is compulsory to attend school, where they can start in a “reception class” and receive basic language training before they join an ordinary class.

Persons between 55 and 67 years have a right, but no duty, to receive Norwegian language training. Persons older than 67 has neither the right nor duty.

The duty of the municipality

The municipality has a duty to provide language training for persons with a right and/or duty to complete such training. This should be provided within the first three months after settlement, or after the immigrant has claimed such training. The language training should follow an individual plan and should reflect the background and needs of the learner.

The right and duty to Norwegian language training – is there a time limit?
The 300/600 hours included in the right and duty must be completed within 3 years.  


The following groups do not have the right to free tuition:

  • Citizens of EU/EEA countries with a residence permit according to EEA/EFTA regulations, regardless of when the permit was granted (Laminated card)

  • Persons with a student residence permit

  • Citizens of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden).

  • Persons with a work permit granted for 3 months or less.

  • Persons employed by a foreign employer on an assignment of limited duration, and their families.

  • Embassy and consulate personnel, and their families.

  • Persons with a first permit to work granted after 1 January 2003, and their families

  • Au pairs with a permit granted after 1 January 2003

  • Persons with a specialist work permit granted after 1 January 2003

Note that the new regulations apply to the original permit granted to reside and work in Norway.
Note also that cohabitants who have lived together for 2 years or more may apply for a family reunification permit on the same grounds as married couples.Persons with a permit for family reunification with a citizen from a Nordic country (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden) may in some cases have the right to free tuition. 

More information

This is the short version of the new regulations. To know more about your rights to free language training and necessary documentation, contact the Adult Education Centre in Ås.
Telephone: 64 96 21 50


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