De tre små grisene

De tre små griser (The Three Little Pigs)

The theater company "Mellom Bakkar og Berg" has the pleasure of presenting their newly written music theatre piece for kids called "The Three Little Pigs". The version of The Three Little Pigs adheres to the original story, but with a  modern twist!
In this performance we meet the three little pigs, Piggy bank, Lucky Pig and Fatted Pig. Our story begins when the pigs are entering adulthood and have moved out. Each has their own view of how life in the big world will unfold. But one thing they do have in common: there's a big ugly wolf deep in the forest, and he'd like to get his claws in to all og them.
The show is performed in Norwegian.
Saturday 9 February at 1.00pm. Cinema vestibule. Price: 120NOK 100O per person (group 4+)
Duration 40 min.
Target audience: 2 - 7 years.
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