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Åpen Mikrofon i Ås - info in English

13.12.18 - 15.06.19

Din sjanse å teste deg ut foran et publikum!

Do you want to test yourself on a stage in front of an audience? Why not give it a go?
At Åpen Mikrofon i Ås you can come along with what your songs, tunes, or poems and perform in a friendly, supportive environment.
Meet up at the venue at 7.30 pm to sign up, or find Åpen Mikrofon i Ås on Facebook to post your interest or to ask questions.

Saturday, January 19th, March 23rd, and june 15th at 8.pm. The doors open at. 7.00pm. Cinema vestibule. Café Falsen is open from 7.00pm. Free entrance.
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Adresse: Moerveien 1 1430 Ås
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